About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of 3 friends who started with gaming back in 2008. We are huge gaming and technology enthusiasts so we are always up to date with all the news related to these niches.

So far, we played numerous games through a lot of platforms. Were they PC games, PlayStation games, Facebook games, Android or iOS games or simple any other browser games out there. We are covering them all!

What is our mission?

Since then, technology has changed a lot. But on the other side, one question which remained the same is “How to get free resources for your game?”.

During these years we stumble on a lot of websites that promise free resources for her game. In the end, they were just a scam that promotes their hacking tool. Sometimes it is hard to realize what is fake and what is legit so you should be careful using certain websites.

We have come to an idea to create a website that would be warning you about these scam web sites. Instead, we would give you only legit and working ways to get free resources for your game.

Today we are focusing on websites would you give you free gift cards for favorite game. It can be a popular game like Roblox, or it can simply be a gift card for Amazon, PayPal, or a lot of other services.

Since we do not want to jeopardize our reputation, we are writing only about the ways we tested and that we found legit. We will also warn you about scam hacking sites which you should avoid.

Since a lot of people are still fooled about working cheat tools, please try to share awareness off how harmful they can be and recommend our website to your friends.

How to get to us?

In case you have any question feel free to contact us by using our Contact Us page. Just fill out your details and send us your questions. It can be a question for help with one of the websites we suggested or just by asking to find the ways to get free resources in your favorite game.

You can also reach us on our Facebook page where we post all our latest posts. In case you have any questions please contact us there and we will try to respond to queries as soon as possible.