How to get Bingo Blitz Free Credits in 2020?

A few days ago, I meet with some friends and a few of them mentioned this great bingo game: Bingo Blitz. They were worried about getting Bingo Blitz free credits now in 2020. I was especially worried when they mentioned that they are searching for Bingo Blitz Hack, which would be able to give them free Credits, Coins, Power-Ups, and Boosts. Since I’m usually very interested in these topics, I decided to write an article about it.


When we talk about bingo games, we cannot skip Bingo Blitz. It is one of the most popular games on Facebook which become even more popular nowadays, most probably because of quarantine due to COVID-19.  It allows people to play bingo like the old-fashioned way, but I would say better. The online version now allows you also to have friends that you can compete with.

The great thing about Bingo Blitz is that is not only available on Facebook but it’s also available on Google Play, Microsoft Store, Apple App Store, and Amazon App Store. By playing, you compete with all the players across different services and devices.

Like many other Facebook games (or any other online game), Bingo Blitz also has in-game currencies. Players can use credits to purchase up the 4 Bingo cards and they can play bingo with other players.

The length of the game is determined by the amount of player which are in the game and when a certain number of players achieve Bingo – the game stops. Then the player can collect After the round is done, each player can collect the number of coins which they acquired. Points can be spent in-game shop where the player can buy more games or collectibles.

To get the game even more interesting, authors of the game have added Power-Ups. They can fill a random space while you are playing, they can create tiles that give you access to Bingo Blitz Coins and a few other options. You can win Power-Ups by unlocking treasure chests or you can purchase them in the game.

Bingo Blitz Credits, Coins, Power-Ups and Boosts

Like any other online game, Bingo Blitz has decided to add Bingo Store where you can purchase Bingo Blitz Credits, Coins, Power-Ups, and Boosts. Credits and Coins can be purchased from $0.99 to $9.99. Power-Ups and Boosts are a little bit more expensive and their price can be up to $15.99.

Since buying all these resources can cost you a lot of money, large number of players is always training to find some way to obtain these resources for free.

Is it safe to use Bingo Blitz hack to get free Credits?

As in any other game, there will always be people trying to find an option to obtain the resources for free. Unfortunately for them, there is no way to hack online games like Bingo Blitz and get the free Bingo Blitz Coins or some other resource.

However, you will always find a lot of these tools and so-called Bingo Blitz resource generators which promise you to add free resources to your game. Not only that this is illegal, but it’s not even working.

They’re all built to earn money by tricking you. Most of the time it requires so-called human verification where it asks you to fill out the survey to unlock your resources. By filling out the survey author will earn money and you give out your information to someone. Most of the time this is an email address, name, surname, mobile phone number, or even physical address.

How to get free Bingo Blitz Credits in 2020?

However, the great thing is that you can obtain free Bingo Blitz credits from their official Facebook page. On a daily basis, they post currently available Bingo Blitz credits or other goodies which can be obtained absolutely for free.

In order to get free Bingo Blitz credits, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Bingo Blitz Official Facebook page:
  2. Check out their latest posts and search for Bingo Blitz free credit links.
  3. Click on the provided link and accept Bingo Blitz free gifts  
  4. Enjoy free Bingo Blitz Credits / Coins /Power-Ups and other goodies


After all above mentioned, it is easy to conclude that Bingo Blitz is one of the if not most popular bingo game online. When you try to play it, you realize how similar it is to the real-life bingo. During the game, you will even hear relaxing music and sounds but what really makes it great is the caller which read the numbers for you. Since the game has also the social part, it is the best Bingo game I have tried.


Do you know other Bingo Blitz players who should be warned about fake Bingo Blitz Hacks?

Send them this link, because sharing is caring. 🙂

Originally posted 2020-03-28 20:37:30.

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