Is it safe to use to get free Robux?


While surfing on the web, I stumbled upon some “new great site” which is advertised as “Roblox Free Robux – Generator –”. I was thrilled to find something like that so I have decided to check it out.

Back in the past when I was a Roblox player I was always searching for some way to get some free Robux. I had spent so many days to find Roblox hack which works. I was searching for a Roblox generator which could get me free Robux on a daily basis.

Unfortunately for me, I wan’t able to find something which was working and which could get me some free Robux. It is the same in 2020 because there are no Robux generator which could get you easy Robux today. – Roblox Free Robux – Generator

After checking the web page, I have decided to add a free Robux to my account. I have typed in some fake user name and pressed on the “START GENERATOR” button.

Roblox Free Robux – Generator –

The next step was to select how many Robux I would like to add to my account. I have increased the value from 10000 Robux to 13000, because if it’s free, I want more than it was offered by default, right 😀

Roblox Free Robux – Generator –

After pressing “IMPORT TO DATABASE” I am now waiting for a generator to add Robux to my fake, non-existing account. In the process of adding we can even see that some parts of the web page are not working properly. I guess there should be an image of Robux, but it isn’t.

Roblox Free Robux – Generator –

Getting my free Robux from

After waiting a few seconds, the pop-up screen shows up and it asks for human verification. This is just a fancy name to get you to fill out a survey for which the owner will get some money. The amount can vary from $0.2 to $3 or even more if you enter your credit card details. By doing so, you are most probably signing up for a service that will charge you weekly or monthly. This is all written down with small letters, but who reads them anyway, right? 🙁

Roblox Free Robux – Generator –

After waiting some time, the owner of this “Online Robux Generator” has set that new window is popped up. It seems to bee “YouTube Video and Music Downloader” which will try to convince you to sign up for some third-party service. Anyways, I am here to get my free Robux so I will verify my account.

Roblox Free Robux – Generator –

I have decided to go with “Win 1 Year Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass”. After filling out my (temporary) email address, (fake) name & surname, (fake) address & phone number, I’m still stuck and I haven’t got anything. They ask for more details but is not to clear what to do and where to click. I have checked my temporary email I have used but I don’t get any email there.

Roblox Free Robux – Generator –

I believe that the owner of has already got the money after I signed up, but I still haven’t got any confirmation that Robux has been released to my account.

It is more than clear that is just a web page built to earn money on players who are not familiar with the so-called “Content Locking” system which will force you to do something to get something. These web pages are mainly scam and they are getting money from filling out the forms.


Anyway, I believe that giving your name, home address or phone number is not worth it. You should actually always avoid giving this info for services that you don’t tend to use.

Since there is no easy way to get free Robux, we have also a post with “How to get Bingo Blitz Free Credits in 2020?“. If you’re interested, feel free to check it out. In that article, we have also talked about a few legit ways to get Robux in the game. Since I know you are a Robux player, that might also be interesting.

I believe that all of us have sometimes believed in such scam sites, if you are one of us, write to us your experience in the comment section. If you would like us to check some other web page, let us know and we will check it out.

Have a safe browsing and gaming!

Originally posted 2020-03-25 17:48:33.

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