How to get free MSP Diamonds & StarCoins

If you are reading this then you probably need diamonds or StarCoins for MSP account. MovieStarPlanet is a popular movie star game but if you don’t have enough resources, it can become frustrating. More and more players decide to use some kind of MSP hack to get free resources but is this really a good idea?

About the Movie Star Planet

MovieStarPlanet (or popularly called MSP) is free to play social game. When you start the game, you choose either to be a boy or a girl and your main goal is to become a movie star. Becoming a movie star is not so simple. You need to really interesting avatar which has a lot of clothes, interesting haircut and style overall. By communicating with other players, signing autographs, playing games or winning competitions you get closer to become a movie star.

You can also create movies or watch other players movies which will get you more StarCoins and improve your presence in the movie star world.

Having a lot of StarCoins can really help because they are used for buying different hairstyles, clothes, furniture, items and so one.

Is it OK to use MSP Hack to get free diamonds and StarCoins?

Absolutely not! It is forbidden to use any kind of cheating tools to get free diamonds and StarCoins.

Furthermore, all of them are just scams and they don’t work since MovieStarPlanet is working on a server it is impossible to get the resources for free. However, many people decide to promote their illegal ways to get free resources but they are really just scamming you and most probably earning some money on it.

If you have already searched for some kind of tools like this, you might be able to see that there are an online version and download (.exe) file version. Unfortunately, some of these harmful programs can steal your account credentials.

If you see that they are asking for your username and password, you should keep off because this information could send this information to the author of that tool. They will try to log into your account and steal your resources.

Because of this we do not endorse using these tools because they can get you more trouble than benefit.

Then what is the way to get free diamonds and StarCoins?

If you are a MovieStarPlanet player, then you already know the Diamonds are reserved only for VIP users.

StarCoins are possible to get by playing the game and there are available to all players.

However, if you would like to get more StarCoins or diamonds there are some ways that can get you extra resources easily.


It is possible to buy Diamonds in the VIP packages or by buying top-up packages which is usually available only to VIP members

In case that you are Elite or Star VIP member, then you will get Diamonds in your Piggy Bank every day

Probably the easiest way to win Diamonds is by winning weekly competitions and it is absolutely free.


Unlike Diamonds, StarCoins are available to all MSP players and they are earned by playing the game.

As in many other games, probably the easiest way is to earn StarCoins you still log in daily. Then, you will have Wheel of Fortune available to Spain which can get you some free StarCoins. Other things related to daily login are to collect gifts that are created daily so be sure to log in every day and pop them up.

Another way to get free StarCoins is by watching other player movies, watching ads, etc.

In case you need more ideas on how to earn StarCoins you can just click on the StarCoins icon and you will be able to see a pop-up window saying how to earn StarCoins.

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