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We have already talked about this super famous and cool game – Roblox. It has created several teenage millionaires and it has increased its popularity with its ability to create everything you can imagine. It has a positive influence on the players creativity. This is absolutely a good thing, but with development of the creativity some of the players have figured out that they can use some kind of Roblox hack or cheats in order to get free resource – free Robux.

In this post we will write about this hacks or so called “free Robux generators”. Is it really a smart move to use some kind of these hack or are they here only to steal your account and lose your time? Read closely because the truth could shock you!

While I was a Roblox player I was spending a lot of time on YouTube to find some working Roblox hack.

Yes, on the beginning I got caught on these videos starting with “100% working Roblox hack” or “How to get free Robux” but after so much disappointment I have realized that I was fooled by the video author and that I will not get my free Robux, especially not for free.

Roblox hacks on YouTube

Usually,  I was always stuck at “human verification needed” kind of things. At that step you need to fill out a survey or sign up for a service affix you either don’t need or don’t like.

The worst thing is that even if you fill the survey or sign up for some service you will not get your promised resources – free Robux.

I have done several of these surveys and all I did was spent my time.

Once I did a SMS sign up for some service and this was probably the worst idea I’ve done for free Robux. This service was sending me some MMS few times a week and all of them were not free. Each time I received the MMS it took few cents from my account. Even worst thing was that I didn’t know how to turn this service off. This was for sure mentioned during sign up. But who reads all these small letters, right?

At the end I got a new SIM card since this was the easiest solution to get done with this mistake I made.

So what’s the thing with these fake “get free robux” videos and web pages?


As always, money is the reason for a lot of things happening. Same with this case. Creator of the web page or the YouTube video needs to convince you that he has the one and only, 100% working Roblox hack.

Thing you don’t know is that he will get paid for every survey or email/SMS submit you make. That is way the are asking for human verification. Latest trend is to ask people to download some app to their mobile phones. This is paid by the application developer in order to increase popularity of their applications.

Why should you avoid this kind of hack?

You should definitely avoid this kind of hacks because in some cases they can be built in order just to steal your account. If you have done some Roblox hacks searches before you have maybe seen some hacking programs which ask you to enter your email and your password in order to get free Robux.

Even if it is not asking for your credentials it may be some kind of the harmful software such as malware or keylogger which could at the end again compromise your account.

How to really get free Robux?

Yes, there are ways with which you can get Robux for free without using any kind of hacks or cheats. For sure if will not be the amount you dream of, the same amount you have seen on YouTube videos, but at least it will not steal your account and jeopardize your safe.

1. Join the builders club

Well, we might say that in this way you will get free Robux. And the best thing is that you can get it on daily basis.

But unfortunately, joining the builders club is not completely free and you might need to spend some real money to join.

We know,it is probably not the option you were looking for but that is one of the way which should be mentioned too.

Roblox builders club

2. Create a popular game

As we have mentioned in the intro of this post, Roblox has created several millionaires. They all wouldn’t be a Millionaire if they haven’t created their own games.

This seems really hard but if you have an idea actually it is not. The game needs to be interesting to the players the more players you have the more you will earn. Every time someone purchase something from your game you will get the money for it. You should share the game on forums related to Roblox so that more and more people find out for your game and play it. This will of course earn you free Robux.

3.  Trading items

Just like in real life, trading can be great for earning some money – in this case free Robux. You should buy limited items and then sell it for more than you pay for it.

In order to sell it for a good value you need to choose limited items which will be interesting to as much as possible players. That’s how you will sell it much faster easier and earn some Robux. In case that you are not able to get the higher amount than you paid for it, just wait. Everything has it’s buyer!

4. Sell clothes

This is pretty much similar to the previous one it is about trending clothes. Unfortunately you will need to be in builders club to be able to do this.

You will need to create some eye-catching interesting t-shirt and sell it for Robux. You are the one who is choosing the price but you should be realistic because remember, sometimes the quantity can bring you quite large amount of Robux in quite short time.

5. Giveaways

Giveaway groups are another great way to earn or actually get free Robux. This kind of places are called donation centers.

In order to find one, just type “donation” and you will find a lot of groups which can give you free Robux.  If you are on the right place at the right time you might get some Robux completely free.

6. Sharing promotional links

For the last place we have left maybe the easiest way to get free Robux.

It is by sharing promotional links what is this actually well we mean and sharing links which will lead to some of the Roblox games. For example, if you like Jailbreak just copy the link of that game and just share it everywhere!

When somebody joins the game from your promotional link you will earn 10% of everything which they spend in the game. If you know forums or other web pages which can attract large amount of Roblox players this might be really easy for you. Just remember, don’t act like a spammer, nobody likes that.