Roblox: More popular than Minecraft, stimulates creativity and creates millionaires

The Roblox phenomenon is pretty much unknown to most gamers who are older than 15. It is a game that is more popular than Minecraft and has created several teenage millionaires until now.

Roblox is the brainchild of David Baszucki, and it belongs to a genre of creative games similar to Minecraft. What Roblox distinguishes from Minecraft is its structure. It’s about a massively multiplayer, or a game that is played by a large number of people at the same time.

Roblox works through micro-transactions that players pay and whose percentage goes to Roblox Corporation and content creators. Roblox is an environment in which gamers can play games, share them with numerous other players and make money on their own.

Some of these games are transient entertainment that visitors experience once. Others are so popular that they are paying real money to their creators.

The aesthetic of Roblox is similar to the aesthetic of Minecraft, and it is unnecessary to emphasize that it is, at least visually, very inspired by the Lego cubes and the minimalist design of the famous Mojang game. What

Roblox points out is its popularity, which according to the latest statistics surpasses Minecraft. The Microsoft builders game currently plays 55 million people, while Roblox leads with 56 million.

So, who plays it?

A very interesting thing is its widespread demographics. The game is available on more or less all platforms, including PCs, consoles, and mobiles, and its users are generally no older than fifteen years. Younger players spend time with their friends by playing numerous available video games while older players mostly produce additional content.

Roblox is not a new kid on the market. The game has been released in 2005 and hasn’t lost its popularity to date. Moreover, it has been more and more in the media for a very strong educational note. Young people learn the basics of programming and design. Many of them grow up with the game developing affinities to computer science and the development of games or even artificial intelligence.

The best example of this is the creator named Alex Balfanz who spent most of his eighteen birthday on a telephone conversation with Roblox’s makers about the future of video game development businesses.

Balfanz has released a videogame called ‘Jailbreak’ with his partner, which became a real hit on Roblox. More so, that game had earned him a profit from, he says, seven digits a year. With this money, a young author said, will finance a four-year study at Duke University, where he plans to study the development of artificial intelligence.

Roblox’s deal with Balfanz surprised him. “There is a lot of things going on at the same time,” said the excited creator. ‘This is all pretty crazy,’ he added.

Successful business

Roblox organized an event last weekend that invited the best Roblox content creators. During the conference Roblox’s representatives said the company plans to pay $ 30 million this year, with which one programmer earned $ 3 million and two more two million each.

The story of the most successful authors goes back to their earlier childhood days.  At that time they spent a lot of time playing inside a massive multiplayer. After some time, they began to develop their own games and become famous. At one point and they have earned a decent amount of money.

Of course, such cases are rare and Roblox emphasizes that earning on video games developed on their platform does not necessarily mean a million-dollar profit.

What Roblox does is an excellent ecosystem is an architecture that allows gamers to design games inside this game without concern of ‘details’ such as platforms and hardware. Roblox works on all platforms for which it has been released. All content created in it is automatically available on all platforms, including consoles and smartphones.

Roblox Careers

One of Roblox’s most famous creators is Andrew Bereza, who gained fame by creating a ‘tycoon’ Miner’s Haven game. Bereza started playing as a kid, but as he grew up, he started experimenting with programming and design and released several simple games. Thousands of people played his game and these micro-transactions paid for his studies at the University of Washington.

Many players decide to go to other platforms at one point, but Bereza claims he wouldn’t achieve anything without Roblox. The best thing is that the game solves the toughest part of the development, and that’s the adaptation to the platforms. Because of this comprehensive support, which Roblox has made popular, Bereza sees his future in the company itself. He is currently working as an intern at Roblox Office, helping the company with the knowledge he has acquired while playing their game.

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Originally posted 2018-06-21 20:46:44.

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